It all started as a seed planted in my heart, a thought as termed at that time since I wasn’t spiritual enough. An endless fire in me couldn’t be quenched until I was bold enough to tell my high school colleagues that “probably God wants us to stay together”. I didn’t know that it was a church or ministry being planted at that time 10 years ago.
To me it was a worry of getting done with the final high school exams and never again seeing my friends again [2003].questions in my heart popped!!” how about the fire in our hearts for Chris that we all had? The passion for serving God together? Was it all dead? Was it all over? Can we stick together? Where shall we get rent, how shall we feed?” it wasn’t easy to convince them since we were all young boys fighting for a future. My “thought” looked like a big mistake!!!
We didn’t know what we were doing neither did the people who knew us at that time! But, the fire in me was unstoppable, we prayed about it and by faith, they came on board one by one. Light The World Church was birthed almost the same time with Taata kids orphanage school. I was about 19 years of age while the others were a bit young.
With no capital, no theology, no bachelor’s degrees, neither sponsors nor donors not even a venue or location for church but rather under a mango tree, this ministry began just like Christ who was born in a manger! It doesn’t matter how you start but who you start with.
Of course we have had our share of challenging circumstances since it is part of the “Christian package” but we haven’t been crushed 2 cor 4:8 we have come out victorious and see what the Lord has done with faith as little as a mustard seed! No hair has been burnt with no scent of smoke [Isaiah 43:2] We have seen God’s provision, miracles, signs and wonders. We aren’t yet there but we aren’t where we used to be!! If GOD can use me, then he can use anyone! From school desks to under a mango tree, to filling up stadia,  God’s generals gathering, campus move, worship night where thousands of people are being reached for Christ’s sake from the prison to the palace.
The story of this ministry will live beyond us, to generations and generations! Only Christ can do this because without him we can do nothing and my heart over the team work we have!!! Team work drives the dream home!
The biggest treasure God gave us is good, honest, kind, hardworking, talented, Godly people with a passion to serve. Can’t wait for the future #am excited about what God has done so far and what He is doing and mostly what He is about to do. Jer 32:27

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